Kosher Meals on Wheels was first established in July 1973. The not-for-profit organisation aims to provide meals for those unable to cook for themselves. Over 1 million meals have been provided since its inception, servicing private clients, hospitals and other government organisations.

The service is reliant on its team of volunteers to pack and deliver the meals for the clients. Our nutritious meals are prepared by a reputable Kosher caterer and delivered to our clients snap-frozen for convenience.

Mission Statement

Kosher Meals on Wheels aims to provide nutritious, Kosher meals to vulnerable people in the Melbourne Jewish Community.

Through the funds sourced from charitable donations and government grants, Kosher Meals on Wheels endeavours to provide every Jewish person who is unable to provide for themselves with meals to support their wellbeing.

Kosher Meals on Wheels also acts as a supplier to hospitals and other public facilities, as well as a retail outlet for the wider community.

Board Members

The Kosher Meals on Wheels Committee is led by a group of members from the Melbourne Jewish Community. They oversee the finances and long-term goals of the organisation, directing the staff and volunteers in achieving the objectives of the community organisation.