Kosher Meals on Wheels was established in December 1973.

It was established as a not for profit organisation to supply kosher meals to penioners and elderly, sick and incapacitated persons as well as to other private hospitals whose in-patients required kosher food.

Since its inception, Kosher Meals on Wheels has become a significant welfare project which has supplied in excess of 1 million meals where financial hardship has been established.

The Organisation is quite unique in the Jewish community, as it was brought into being in association with a non-Jewish government run public hospital (Royal Southern Memorial) which helped build two efficient, well-equipped kitchens producing kosher food under the strictest of supervision. Originally, Rabbi Abranok from the inception of the organisation was the mashgiach (kosher supervisor) and then Rabbi Boruch Zaichyk from the Mizrachi organisation.

85% of the meals delivered into the homes of recipients are by a large roster of dedicated volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering for over 20 years.

Kosher Meals on Wheels relies on the generous donations from the ‘Friends of Kosher Meals’. An annual nominal fee assists with the development and running of the organisation. Donations are also derived from Orthodox Shules in the community and government funding to assist with Community Aged Care.

Our Distribution Centre relocated to our current premises on Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South in 2020 after 20 years at Caulfield Shule.

In 2020 Kosher Meals on Wheels became a recognised member of the Meals on Wheels Association of Victoria, making the organisation the official Meals on Wheels for the Melbourne Jewish community.